Special Events

Special Events

Family Services


We usually hold three family services each year, for Easter, the Sunday Club Prizegiving and Christmas.

The Sunday Club children rehearse their songs and readings for several weeks beforehand, and we always have a 'dress rehearsal' at Sunday Club on the day of the family service.

The children are usually picked up in the church minibus or private cars, and we offer transport to any parents who would like to attend.

The family service usually contains a mixture of congregational singing, the Sunday Club children singing, readings and a short talk. It starts at 6:30 p.m. and lasts for about an hour.

The service is usually followed by refreshments - except for the Sunday Club prizegiving, as we wouldn't like any of the book prizes to be spoiled by spilt tea!

Fellowship Meetings

We hold fellowship meetings in May and October. They allow us to meet with other Christians from across the U.K.

The usual format of a fellowship meeting is a Bible study in the afternoon followed by tea and a time to chat, and a talk by a visiting speaker in the evening.

Wednesday Evening Addresses

Occasionally, we have a speaker instead of a Bible study on Wednesday evening.