The Elms

This attractive care home for elderly residents on Elm Drive welcomes a group

from Heathfield Gospel Hall once a month.

The dining room is made available to us and the residents are encouraged to come to our meeting by the staff, who bring them in wheelchairs if necessary. The events’ supervisor provides a collection of musical instruments which some residents enjoy playing.

The largest part of the programme is singing traditional hymns. Andy’s guitar playing inspires all of us to sing heartily to the Lord. After some hymns we have a quiz about people in the Bible. It is a revelation to find that the older generation have a knowledge of God’s Word which is sadly lacking among younger people in Crewe. A second break allows time to read from the Scriptures and pass on a brief message to encourage our friends to draw close to the Lord in the closing part of their lives.The residents are very keen to repeat the Lord’s prayer at the end of the service.

Those of us who visit The Elms regularly want to leave the staff and residents with a clear impression of the love of the Lord Jesus and His desire to provide them with a glorious experience to look forward to after their time at the Elms.

The Elms